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Electric Assist Upright Trike

This trike was built mainly as just something I had enough parts to build with so it got done.

The rear axle came off a Schwin trike that I used the bike part for a seperate project.

The rear axle section was totally rebuilt using a two new axles and sprockets and bearings. It was done this way because I modified the rear wheels with inserts so both could be driven from the sprockets using keyed axles and also use disk brakes on the axles because I couldn't mount them to the rear wheels.

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I used a steel 26" frame I had out of my junk pile for the front half of the trike.   I can't weld aluminum like the original frame the rear end came from so  I had to use a steel frame.  The handle bars were also replaced with high rise types to allow sitting upright instead of having to lean over when riding.


 A view showing how the pedal and motor drive chains were laid out.  The motor is a 24v 500 watt scooter motor mated to a 1/5 pocketbike type transmission.  It was nice to ride using that as it is very quiet and there is no gear or sprocket noise.    The rear axles frame was welded to the front bike frame.


Showing the rear cargo deck and the battery box mounted below it.  It was designed to hold two 12 volt 32 amp hour mobility scooter batteries.  The cargo frame was bolted to the rear axle frame.


 Another view of the motor and pedal chains.  Also you can see the rear brake disks and calipers. The disks are mounted to the axles using adapters to fit the keyed shafts.  Since it uses a seperate axle on each side it didn't need a differential for the rear 20" wheels 3 inch wide tires  to prevent scrubbing when turning.


Top rear view showing the batteries installed and the rear cover plate that the main power switch and the controller are mounted to.  This pic shows new handlebars also.


A side view showing the finished trike with a basket mounted onto the rear cargo carrier


Simple control panel. Light on/off,   voltage meter, motor on/off    The meter turns on when the motor power system is enabled. The voltage meter was used as a gas gage for the batteries.  The rear brakes were operated by the grip on the left side (dual cable grip) and the front brake was operated by the right side grip. The throttle was mounted on the right side.   Top speed on the trike was set for 15 mpg the way I had it geared.  It was setup to have enough power to pull my trailers and not for speed.