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Long frame cargo trike

This was another one of those projects I built  mainly because I had the parts to build it and I was wanting something to do.

It uses a 26  inch steel frame front end from one bike and a 20 inch steel rear frame from another. 

I added the small bike engine simply because I had pnuemonia a few months before and and it really scared up my lungs and left me with only partial use of each lung and a bad case of COPD. 
The engine would push the bike up to about 30 mph.  

The rear baskets were made from heavy duty commercial freezer shelving I got from a guy up the street that recycles metal. They are simply bolted to the main cargo frame and can be easily removed if needed.

You will notice I added a second seat post to the frame. I did this because the seat I wanted to use mounted at the rear instead of the middle of the seat and it made the bike feel like your legs were behind you when trying to pedal and it was uncomfortable so I modified it so it wouldn't.

It actually rode pretty well. I had no problems with it. It would carry about 6 bags of groceries too.

These pictures are missing the spark coil for the engine. I was waiting for a replacement to get delivered as the original one that came with the engine did not work.

This bike also had a foam tube in the rear tire to prevent any sort of flat tire problems. I didn't have a foam tube for the front one but it has an two extra liners inside between the tire and tube to help prevent flats.

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The bike uses standard caliper brakes but they worked fine and I had no problems stopping.