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Simple Gas Assist Bike

This bike was also built out of odd parts.  The bike was the front end from a 26" schwinn aluminum frame trike that had and decided to use. I simple wanted to gas assist bike to ride around on for a while.

I had to make a minor modification on the frame by adding a top bar for the gas tank. I originally had it mounted behind the seat but I decided I really didn't like it there and it prevented me from adding a cargo rack on the back.  I actually didn't keep it for long as I had a guy offer me almost twice as much money as it cost me to build it so I sold it to him on the spot!   It had a top speed of about 32 mph.

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Top bar added to hold gas tank. I had to bolt it on since I can't weld aluminum.
I had to modify the exhaust tubing also because it was too short due to where I had to mount the small engine.